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SSN Lookup – Check to see if a Social Security Number is Real

Are you unsure if a SSN is valid or do you think a tenant gave you a fake Social Security Number? There a few helpful websites out there to decode social security numbers including one by Steve Morse which by entering the first 5 digits of the person’s social you can find out the state and date range the SSN was issued.

SSN Decoder

SSN Decoder

For example I will check the social security number beginning with 421-11-xxxx.   I can see the social was issued in Alabama between 1981 and 1982.

If you would like more detailed information and would like to verify if the SSN matches the person’s name and if the SSN is listed as a deceased person you can purchase StarPoint Screening’s SSN Identification Verification Report. SSN ID Verifier searches more than 19 billion public and proprietary records to instantly verify identity based on basic driver’s license information and potentially fraudulent identities.

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What does a -9999 credit score mean?

Fico -9999 credit score

Fico -9999 Credit Score

Have you ever ran a credit report and received a -9999 FICO score?  The FICO score range is between 300 and 850 but according to TransUnion a consumer would get a score of -9999 when the consumer has 2 or fewer trade lines for evaluation available.  If the consumer currently does not possess enough active credit accounts then TransUnion can not generate a positive score.  Also, please review our guide on how to read a TransUnion Credit Report.

Q. When does a -9999 FICO score usually appear?

A.In most cases we see a -9999 FICO score when a credit report is run on someone under the age of 20 and who has not yet applied for auto or student loans and who has not yet used a credit card or other line of credit. In other cases a -9999 can be generated for someone who has all their accounts in collections and two or less active tradelines.

Q. What can I do if my applicant receives a -9999 FICO score?

A. First you can review the credit report to see why the applicant received the score.  Are they a young adult without established credit or are they an adult who had filed for bankruptcy, has closed accounts, or has all their accounts in collections?