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How Do You Read a Credit Report?

During my 10 plus years in the credit reporting industry, the two most frequently asked questions you hear are 1) What Do Credit Scores Mean?  and 2) How do you Read a Credit Report?

We’ve answered the first question, “What Do Credit Scores Mean” in a previous blog.  But here, we’ll give you an easy guide to reading your tenant’s credit report.

Simply click on our illustrated How to Read a Trans Union Credit Report Guide which will walk you through a credit report provided by StarPoint Tenant Screening.

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The 2010 Census: What Apartment Owners Need to Know

Most households, including those in apartment buildings, should receive Census questionnaires in the mail in March 2010. Responses are due by April 1, 2010. If households do not return their completed forms by the end of April, apartment operators can expect Census enumerators to visit their communities in an effort to get residents who have not responded to complete the form. These visits will take place from approximately May through August 2010.

Participation in the Census is required by law, so property managers are advised to provide Census enumerators with reasonable access to requested individual apartments. This includes allowing enumerators to knock on apartment doors, or, where present, buzz apartment call boxes. Enumerators may have to return to the property several times to secure interviews, and these repeat visits should be accommodated.

If enumerators are unable to contact apartment residents, they may ask a property manager for occupant information. Property staff should cooperate to the extent they can, and enumerators are required to allow for a reasonable amount of time for compilation of information.

In all cases, property managers should ask for official identification before cooperating with any Census Bureau employees, which in most cases will be limited to a Census badge and bag. (If property managers are uncertain about a Census enumerator’s identity, they can contact the Regional Census Centers to confirm their employment by the Census Bureau as official enumerators. The Centers are listed at

Census employees may also visit apartment properties outside of the 2010 Census as part of several other surveys sponsored by the Census Bureau, including the American Community Survey (ACS). The ACS is considered part of the Census and thus participation is also mandatory. Property managers should provide the same level of access and cooperation to ACS field representatives as to Census 2010 enumerators.

In contrast, other Census Bureau surveys, such as the American Housing Survey and the Current Population Surveys, are voluntary. While the multifamily industry benefits from the data collected from households during these surveys, property managers are not required to allow the same level of access or provide the same level of cooperation as with the Census or American Community Survey.

All information collected during federal censuses and surveys is kept confidential (per Title 13) and only used for compiling aggregate statistics.

California: Recycling Mandate for Business and Apartments


The state’s Integrated Waste Management Board (IWMB) is formulating a program that will encourage businesses, apartment complexes and mobile home parks to institute recycling. The mandatory recycling directive will most likely set goals for cities and counties, allowing them to implement individual programs as long as they comply. Start date was  Jan. 1, 2010

The San Diego Union-Tribune reports that if half of the 5.5 million tons of recyclable material dumped by large businesses, apartment complexes and mobile home parks were reused, the state could save space in landfills and reduce greenhouse-gas emissions by the equivalent of taking almost 1 million cars off the road.

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