2018 Top Websites to Find Good Rental Property Contractors

Find Contractors and Handymen for your Rental Property 

Contractors for landlords are perfect for large remodels, such as a kitchen or bathroom, but a handyman for rental property keeps the home running smoothly by tending to wear-and-tear repairs. Several online resources help make this process easier by collecting contact information and reviews from other property owners and landlords.

Angie’s List

Angie’s List is one such service, and they do not allow anonymous reviews. All the reviews on their site are certified. The reviews are grades, A through F, so they are quick and easy to understand.

There are three membership levels. The Green Membership is free and includes the worker’s information and ratings. The Silver Membership cost $24.99 a year. Silver has more benefits, such as special discounts and a fair price guarantee, which allows you to receive a refund for the amount exceeding Angie’s List Fair Price (terms and conditions apply).

Angie’s List Gold Membership costs $99.00 annually. Along with all the benefits of the Green and Silver plans, Gold offers a service quality guarantee. This guarantees some workmanship up to $100,000 (terms and conditions apply). The Gold plan offers more perks too, like an emergency service phone line, which could come in handy with rental homes.

All members have access to coupons, which are located at the bottom of each contractors profile page. Some business do not have any, while others offer 5% or 10% off.


Thumbtack is a completely free service where you can search for a handyman for rental property and licensed contractors.

They use the traditional star rating system to review the workers, one through five, with five being the best, paired with verified client comments.

Thumbtack also offers a product they have coined The Guarantee, which protect up to $1 million against certain property damage caused by the Thumbtack professional under certain conditions. Work that is not finished and incorrect installations are not covered.


HomeAdvisor is free of charge. The site offers over 500 real estate related services, from foundation repair to roofing.

Property owners rate the service providers with the five-star system. Along with the star ratings, there is a description of the project completed with client testimonies. Additionally, the service provider comments on the project to give an overall view of what may have happened; good, bad, or neutral.


Contractors for landlords can be found on Yelp for free. Yelp is a directory of restaurants, events, and home services. Any discounts offered to consumers will come from the service provider, not Yelp, and there are no guarantees.

The review system is very popular and heavily used on Yelp. Yelp uses a computer to screen all reviews. The system looks at how often the reviewer writes a review. Are they active reviewer, or do they review once every ten months? The program is looking for opinions, good or bad, opinions deemed reliable, and that will be helpful to other people.

Yelp highlights these reviews, but all reviews can be seen at a link at the bottom of the businesses profile page. This process is entirely automated; no humans screen the screener. Yelp displays the traditional five-star ratings and post client comments.

All of these companies have free mobile apps, which makes it convenient to get updates. Angie’s List, Thumbtack, and HomeAdvisor offer tips on how to select a profession, what questions to ask, how to get a quote, and pricing guidelines; Yelp does not. Prices subject to change.


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