3 Ways to Protect Against ID Theft During a Move

3 Ways to Protect Against ID Theft During a Move

3 Ways to Protect Against ID Theft During a Move

You have a lot of things to worry about during a move, but one thing that you shouldn’t have to worry about is identity theft. Unfortunately, due to allowing people into your home, such as movers or people who you know who are going to be helping you, you could be put at an added risk of ID theft. You also have to worry about your documents becoming compromised before, during and after your move. Luckily, following these three steps can help you keep yourself safe from ID theft.

  1. Shred Unnecessary Documents

First of all, you might be thinking about getting rid of unnecessary documents during your move. This is a good way to purge and avoid bringing a bunch of clutter into your new home, and it can also leave you with less to transport from one house to another.

However, you should be very careful about getting rid of these documents. If you just throw them in the garbage, they could be compromised. Instead, shred them thoroughly with a paper shredder, or tear them up into small pieces with your hands. This includes anything that might have your personal information on it, such as old bank statements, paycheck stubs or tax documents.

  1. Keep Documents Secure During the Move

There will probably be different people handling your documents and items during the move, such as your moving crew or your friends and family. To protect yourself from ID theft, you will need to secure your documents.

Before inviting others into your home to help you with packing and moving, you should first find all of these documents. After sorting through them, consider putting them in a safe or another secure box with a lock. Consider moving your important documents yourself rather than having them moved by your moving company or your friends.

  1. Monitor Your Credit Report

After your move, you should make a point to monitor your credit report. Don’t just check when you first move; instead, consider signing up for a credit report monitoring service so that you can keep an eye on your score over the next few months. If you find any discrepancies, you should report them to all of the major credit bureaus.

Identity theft is a serious thing, so it’s important to protect yourself against it at all times. It is particularly important to do so during a move, so follow these three steps to protect yourself.


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