Accepting Rental Applications

Rental Application

Accepting Rental Applications

Renting has become a very popular choice among people who are looking for a temporary residence. If you are a landlord or owner of a property that you wish to rent, there are several things to consider when choosing a tenant. This is where tenant screening becomes important. You want to ask for several things in the rental applications to ensure you are choosing the best tenant for your property. These applications can be presented to a potential tenant to be submitted electronically or in paper form. Here are some things to focus on when accepting these applications.

Criminal Background Check
First and fore most you want to ensure any potential tenant wont cause any harm to your property or other tenants around the neighborhood. This is why a criminal background check is important. It should be done on all tenants 18 years of age or older who will reside in the property. This will reveal any felonies or convictions a tenant may have had in the past or any current cases that are pending. Many landlords or property owners do not rent to tenants who have a criminal background.

Employment and Income
Ability to pay and is important when applying to rent a property. This is why employment history should be verified. Typically, a tenant should be employed with the same employer at least 6 months to one year to prove job stability. Current check stubs and /or bank statements can be used to verify this income and show consistent earnings.

Rental History
All prior addresses and landlords should be contacted. In this way, all on time payments, late payments or any prior problems a former landlord may have had with a tenant will be revealed. In gathering rental history, a landlord can get a good idea of a tenant’s ability to maintain a property, pay rent on time and adhere to property guidelines.

Credit History
Pulling a recent credit report is a part of tenant screening that allows the landlord or property owner to see any prior evictions or other delinquencies in payment history. The tenant can supply his or her social security number on the application and this credit information can be pulled by the property owner to get a snapshot of how responsible the tenant is with financial obligations.

In addition to gathering this information, a landlord should make sure all application fees, deposits, and other guidelines related to the property are clearly stated and understood by all tenants prior to accepting any applications. This will avoid any confusion or legal issues in the future and will ensure the most responsible tenant is chosen for the property.

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