Airbnb: How to prevent your tenants from subleasing


How to prevent your tenants from subleasing

When you rent out your property to a tenant, you expect that he or she will treat it with care. While you expect some level of wear and tear to occur, those costs are generally accounted for in the rent that you charge. What you don’t expect is for your tenants to sublease your property through services such as Airbnb. What can you do to prevent this from happening?

Explain Your Rental Policies Thoroughly

The last thing that you want is for a tenant to claim that he or she didn’t know or wasn’t aware that subleasing was wrong or illegal. You also don’t want your tenant to claim that there was nothing in the lease forbidding the practice. Therefore, you will want to walk whoever is renting your property through the lease agreement to ensure that he or she knows what is expected. This will make it clear that subletting the property without permission could lead to eviction.

Screen Your Applicants Thoroughly

Before you rent your property, you should conduct a tenant screening process that will weed out those who may have a checkered history when it comes to paying their rent. Tenant checks will also verify how many people are supposed to be living in the home or apartment. While you can’t tell your tenants not to have anyone over, you may be within your rights to start the eviction process if there are crowds of people not on the lease or otherwise authorized to occupy the rental.

Do Random Checks of the Property

While you can’t just walk in on your tenants, you can ask to stop by and check the property with 24 hours notice. If your apartment or home is being leased to another person without permission, this could catch your tenant off guard. Either this person will admit to subleasing your property or you will be able to gather direct evidence of subleasing when you conduct your visit.

Check for Listings on Airbnb

An easy way to find out if your property is being subleased is to look for listings on Airbnb and other sites. If you see that your property is being rented out without your permission, you can contact the tenant and put a stop to the activity. While this may not prevent your tenants from trying to sublease, it gives you a chance to stop such activity quickly.

Before renting your property, make sure to do tenant checks and a thorough tenant screening process. Credit checks, reference checks and asking for proof of employment will often help you find tenants who will treat your property well as opposed to those who will try to make money off of you.


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