Earn Extra Cash by Renting your House During Events

Earn MoneyIf you have a vacant property, then there is a way that you can get some use of out it in the short term. By renting out your property when events like festivals and fairs are in progress, you can make your property work for you and gain you some much-needed income. Hotels, cabins, and campgrounds often fill up ahead of large events, so there are always people looking to find a place to stay who were not lucky enough to book accommodations in advance. If you advertise your property for rent during large local events, then you can cash in on some of the money that travelers already plan to spend in your area.

Experts recommend that if you own a rental property that you always screen your guests, even if they are only staying for a short period. The reason behind the advice is that screening temporary tenants helps prevent costly damages and repairs. It is always important to make sure that any renter is a responsible group instead of a possible threat to your rental property.

Some of the most popular events that people look to attend include air shows, trade exhibitions, and large festivals like Strawberry Festivals and popular music events. When a large event is happening in your town, you can do a quick background check online for the intended renters and ask for a deposit that is refunded when the property is left clean and undamaged. Offering cleaning services, use of appliances, extra beds like cots and roll-out beds are excellent ways to entice people to rent your property when they come to town.

When you offer services that other businesses do not have like complimentary breakfasts, hot tub access, or garage access, it helps make your rental property more appealing. The better appeal makes people want to come back the next time a large event is in town, and you can begin booking people in advance. Some renters may even ask to book for the next years event, so they never have to worry about finding a place to stay at the last minute again.

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