Fall Maintenance Ideas for Your Home

Fall Maintenance for Landlords

Fall Maintenance Ideas

Whether you are an experienced landlord or property manager, or just getting your feet wet in the world of income producing properties, it only takes one cold season to learn the hard way that preparation is your friend. The following are a few suggestions to help you prevent costly repairs.

Exterior Property Attention

Save money and prevent vacancies by taking the time to address these exterior issues for a sound and more attractive exterior.

  • Clean gutters. Trapped leaves hold water and drip causing wood rot under the roof edge.
  • Sprinkler systems. Remove all parts and examine for damage and clean, then open feed valve to allow remaining water to drain off.
  • Outdoor faucets. Search area around the pipe where is comes out of the wall or ground, and caulk around the pipe use Styrofoam cones to block off the wind.
  • Exterior HVAC unit. Remove tree limbs and other debris from around the unit and inspect the inside for infestation nests of insects and windblown debris.

Interior Weatherizing and Rodent Prevention

Due to summer temperatures, the safe bet is to re-examine all entrances for security and weather issues as well as any damage.

  • Windows and door seals. Direct sunlight deteriorate weather stripping, and new caulking prevents drafts and moisture damage.
  • Fireplace maintenance. Examine the ends of chimney pipes for the excess collection of byproducts from the fire, and test existing gas lines for proper operation.
  • Attic safety. Squirrels and other rodents find their way into the attic through eve vents. Search the attic for droppings and other debris and hire an exterminator if necessary to secure the attic from outside intruders.
  • Smoke detectors. Contact the local fire department about smoke detector requirements and ask if they have programs to inspect these devices for you.

When it comes to saving money and increasing your profits on real estate investments, preventive maintenance takes first place on the To-Do list of any landlord or property manager.


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