How to Check Business Credit Rating

Much like your own personal credit rating, businesses are assigned credit ratings. These numbers, on a scale from 0 to 100, are a sign of how reputable the business is when it comes to dealing with creditors. An optimal credit rating for a business is 75 or higher. You can check a business credit rating for yourself, as long as you have the right information.
Find a reputable website where you can check a business credit rating.  At , you can even search for a business and select the right one from a list.

Ask for the business identification number. A FIN or an EIN is helpful when you want to check a business credit rating. You can get the identification number from the owner of the business. However, some owners are reluctant to give this information out. It’s similar to a person’s social security number, and many businesses protect this information for their own security.

Check the personal credit of the business owner. Some businesses, especially small businesses, are funded based on the owner’s personal credit rating. If you find out the credit rating of the owner, it’s a safe assumption that the business has a similar credit rating.

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