Making Your Rental Summer-Ready

Make your rental property summer ready

Summer’s almost here, and that means it’s the peak of the rental season for homeowners and vacationers. Preparing your rental for the warm months ahead is a good idea for luring in prospective new tenants and making sure your property stays in optimal shape.

Tenant Screening
Before you begin preparing your property physically and restoring the inside and outside, you should think about how comprehensive your tenant screening process is. This process is the only chance you have to filter through tenant options and backgrounds to decide which tenants are the right choice for you.

Tenant screenings are important because the information it reveals can help you determine whether or not your new prospective tenant is trustworthy, able to pay their bills (and therefore, their rent), on time as well as previous addresses, rental references, and eviction information. It helps complete a clear picture of who they are overall as renters. It doesn’t tell the whole story, but it definitely tells a big part of it.

Inspect Your Air Conditioning Unit
Whether you have window units or a whole-house A/C duct system, it’s important to inspect them for proper operation before tenants start moving in. It helps your visitors stay happy and comfortable, even in the summer heat. For window units, check to be sure the exterior condenser has room to drain and breath by clearing any overgrown shrubs or plants that may be crowding the area. Also, replace and/or clean the filter for the unit. Make sure all interior ductwork is in proper order and that all vents are open and free of obstructions.

Check Battery-Operated Devices
Replace the batteries in your smoke detectors if they’re no longer working, and check your security system’s operation as well, if you have one. Some thermostats also run on batteries, so be sure those don’t need to be replaced either. Most thermostats will have a low battery indicator, so replace them if needed.

Dryer Vents
If you have a washer/dryer and offer laundry, be sure to clean out dryer vents outside the house. Many fires have started because of clogged dryer vents, so by taking this simple precaution, you can keep your tenants safe through the summer months.

Windows and Doors
Be sure doors and windows are sealed and optimized for A/C use. Open air gaps allows cold air to escape, increasing utility costs. By taking the extra time to seal gaps, you’ll keep your home energy-efficient.

Cleaning Service
If your summer rental hasn’t been opened or used for months, consider hiring a cleaning service to get it ready for new tenants. They can take care of things like mopping the floors, vacuuming carpets, dusting off ceiling fans, freshening up the furniture, and airing out the interior.

Sprucing up the yard can make a big difference with curb appeal and allows your summer tenants to enjoy your backyard in the nice weather. Do it yourself or hire landscapers to mow the lawn, clear brush and plant flowers if it’s feasible.


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