Review Your Tenant Screening Files

locking-File-CabinetsAre you a property manager or landlord? Do you have a ton of rental applications and paperwork from previous tenants? It may be time to spring clean your files and revise your documents for future tenants before the busy rental season begins.

Tenant Screening Items to Review

  • Review Rental Applications – Make sure your rental application are asking for the applicant’s signed authorization to complete a screening. If you don’t have the tenant’s authorization and release you’re not following the law. Download a free copy of our signed Rental Agreement Form or Authorization to Release Tenant Information Form
  • Review your specific State’s Landlord and Tenant laws. Landlord-tenant disputes are a common occurrence and many can be avoided by being aware of your rights and responsibilities.
  • Review your computer’s security. Make sure you have a password protected computer and you change your password frequently.
  • Review your Income and Expenses – Tax season is over and now may be the best time to review all your rental income and expenses and get organized for next year! Review the IRS example rental income and expenses yearly.

Tenant Screening items Shred and Throw Out

  • Do you have past rental applications, credit reports, verifications and other screening reports? Most states only require you to keep these documents for 5 years. Check your State’s Laws and then first shred, then trash any old applications and screening documents.

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