Smartphone Apps for Landlords or Property Managers

10 smartphone apps for Landlords

Smartphone apps for Landlords and Property Mangers

Most professionals, including landlords and property managers, have smartphones these days. The next step is getting the most you can out of these devices by installing these apps.

  1. The first one you will need, which many people don’t think about is Google Maps. You know where your properties are located but you also need to know where the latest break-ins, fires or car wrecks occurred relative to them. This app also will help when you are scouting new properties and giving directions.
  2. The next app you need is Facebook. It’s good for more than just cat videos. Use it to promote your business, your properties. You might need to use cat videos to get people to your page but one billion users is a lot of eyeballs.
  3. YouTube is another apps for landlords. Use YouTube one to show off your properties and yourself. Make sure to leave your potential clients wanting more but use videos to gain your clients interest in your properties.
  4. Onavo Extend is a free app that automatically compresses the data you receive and send, extending your monthly data plan by as much as fivefold. It also tells which apps are using the most of your monthly data plan.
  5. Skype is another of those overlooked apps but it is essential if you want to make sure you can make phone calls, plus video calls and texts, from anywhere to anywhere on your smartphone.
  6. Given the proliferation of smartphone apps for property managers and other professionals, security is essential. Lookout Mobile Security keeps your smartphone safe from and viruses and spyware.
  7. Flashlight LED HD lets you control your camera’s flash and screen brightness. It also turns your smartphone into an impromptu flashlight for late night property inspections. It does all this without stealing information off your smartphone, although it does drain your battery.
  8. Evernote is a perfect way to remember addresses, messages for vendors and first impressions of properties. Notes can be saved as websites, pictures and audio files as well as text and filed into notebooks for future reference.
  9. QuickOffice lets you view, edit and exchange PowerPoint, Excel and Word documents along with sending and receiving files efficiently and quickly from the cloud.

What are your favorite smartphone apps?

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