Tips for Marketing Your Property To Millennials

Marketing Rentals to Millenials

Marketing to Millenials

Are you looking to sell or rent your property? Millennials are a great demographic to target, especially as more of them enter the market and begin to live on their own. Here are some things to help you grab their attention and make your property more attraction than other possible options.

Highlight Convenient Commutes

Unlike older demographics, millennials may not be concerned about how quiet the neighborhood is or what the local schools are like. But whether they’re still in school or employed, they’ll have to travel to work or college every day. If your place is conveniently located, highlight that fact. Advertise your close proximity to major highways, colleges, and business areas of town.

Advertise Technology

Mobile devices and technology are often a huge part of the younger generation’s lifestyle. More than just a luxury, many millennials ability to work or socialize will be handicapped if they don’t have access to phone or internet service. Check service provider’s coverage maps to see if your location is well-covered, and if it is, highlight that fact. Do you live in an area with fiber optic internet? Make sure you mention that to those who look at your property.

Be A Trustworthy Landlord

Many times, millennials choose to rent because they simply don’t have the time or desire to care for their own home. If you’re trying to get them interested in your rental property, it can be helpful to assure them that you’ll be a reliable landlord who will help out if they encounter problems. This reassurance may help them choose your property over another.

Another way to set your rental property apart from others is to allow pets. This isn’t a great idea for everyone, but it can help attract the large amount of millennials who own a dog or cat and want to find a place when their pet is allowed.

Nearby Attractions

Take a look around your neighborhood for attractions to let people who are looking at your place know about. These can range from coffee shops to movie theaters to nature trails, and can play a big role in making your property seem like home to millennials. Knowing and relaying what’s available in the area can help you sell to someone who might not be totally committed.

Millennial-Friendly Price

Even if your place is smaller or lacks some conveniences, a low price may be the key to attracting millennials. Many may be dealing with student loan debt, lower-paying jobs, or simply a desire to live frugally and save for the future. Your place might be less-than perfect, but they’re a great demographic to target if you can offer a good deal.

In the end, it’s also important to remember that not all millennials fit stereotypes. Each is an individual with unique tastes and desires, so don’t despair if you’re not able to accomplish some of the items on this list.

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