Top Cities to Rent in 2016

Sunset over City of Seattle

Sunset Over City of Seattle

  1. New York City, NY:
    If you want to buy a home in New York City, you will need a lot of money to spend. The average mortgage in Manhattan is about $1.3M. A property manager or landlord can help you find the right place to rent instead that won’t break your budget.
    2. San Diego, CA:
    San Diego is a great place to live but the average mortgage is about $477,000. Rent in San Diego is about $2,300 per month. If you want to enjoy the sunshine in this incredible city, considering renting your next new home.3. Washington D.C:
    The difference between owning and renting a home in Washington D.C. is pretty dramatic. A mortgage in the nation’s capital averages $359,700 while rent averages $1,098. Talk to a property manager and see what the city has to offer in rental property amenities and benefits.

    4. Los Angeles, CA:
    Los Angeles may be the City of Angels, but it cost money to live there. A typical mortgage will average $536,000 while rental housing averages about $2,500 per month. It has a lot of benefits and great attractions as well as many rental homes.

    5. Seattle, WA:
    The Emerald city is a very desirable location for jobs and lifestyle, but the average mortgage is $450,000 while rental housing can average about $1,200 per month. Talk to a local landlord and you might just find there are a number of benefits to renting.

    6. San Francisco, CA:
    The City by the Bay is a picture perfect location, but be ready to spend heavily to own a home. The average mortgage is $800,000 while rental housing is around $3,000 per month. The city has a lot to offer and rentals can help.

    7. Memphis, TN:
    Although not considered a major metropolitan city, The city of Memphis is more rental housing friendly. The average mortgage in Memphis averages $150,000 while the average rent will run approximately $750. This is a great place to live, but rental housing can help you go farther.

    8. Fort Worth, TX:
    If you have ever considered living in Texas, take a look at the rental housing in the city. The average mortgage in Fort Worth is $175,000 while a typical rent will average about $800. There are a number of rental homes available in Fort Worth.

    9. Portland, OR:
    The City of Roses is a beautiful place to live with lots of recreation and culture, but you will have to pay out to own a home in the city. The average mortgage in Portland is $250,000 while rental housing averages about $1,200 per month.

    10.Albuquerque, NM:
    If the southwest has always intrigued you, you can find lots to be excited about. But when it comes to cost of living, the average mortgage in Albuquerque will run about $150,000 while the average rent is roughly $600 per month. Contact a property manager for details.


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