TransUnion Has Changed Their Credit Freeze Policy

TransUnion is one of the top three credit reporting agencies. They have recently announced that they will no longer support selective lifts of frozen credit files. 

A credit file is usually frozen when someone is worried about identity theft. Freezing the file made it so the reporting agency couldn’t sell your information to creditors, and so creditors wouldn’t open new accounts in your name. 

Consumers used to be able to obtain an access code they could give to a creditor. When the creditor put in the access code, they could see a frozen credit file. This allowed the consumer to have more control over who would access their information to start a new account.

TransUnion is no longer supporting these codes. As of September 2018, if consumers want creditors to be able to see their information, they must request a global lift to the security freeze on their credit file. The consumer can set a specific length of time that the lift is in place, so they can limit the timing for how long the freeze is lifted. However, while it is lifted, any creditor will be able to see the unfrozen credit file.

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