Using Smart Home Technology in Your Rental Property

Using-Smart-Home-TechnologySmart home technology has advanced to a degree that makes it functional, reliable, and affordable. Many homeowners now expect homes to be ready for smart home tech integration. When it comes to rental properties however, many homeowners are missing out on an incredible opportunity to increase the visibility and value of their rental property.

Rental home technology immediately gives your home an advantage in rental listings since many rental properties do not feature smart home technology. Even a mediocre looking property can look sophisticated and modern with smart home technology featured prominently in the listing. For vacation property rentals, every feature and perk can bump your rental property up in value and visibility.

Rental home technology also provides property owners greater control, ease of access, and management tools. With rental home technology your tenants can download an app and you give them access to everything from lights, locks and a/c to television and stereo controls. For example, your tenants left the heat on in your winter cottage? What would normally require a visit can now be easily remedied directly from your smart phone. Tenants locked themselves out? You can open the door for them remotely from your phone. Smart home technology also allows your tenants to have greater control and comfort in the property itself. Many tenants spend lots of time looking for light switches, remotes, or calling you to solve small problems like turning on the TV or watching a DVD. Smart home technology can supplant all of these problems easily and quickly, making your property much more valuable and a place to which your tenants will return over and over. In a highly competitive rental property market, a small perk can make the difference between a tenant choosing your rental property or someone else’s.

Smart home technology can increase the ease of management, make your property more appealing, and increase the value of your property. With so many options of smart home technology integration at an extremely reasonable cost, it makes all the sense in the world to invest in smart home technology.


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