What’s New in Social: Property Management

What’s New in Social Property Management

What’s New in Social: Property Management

The way in which people do business has been revolutionized by the digital world. In today’s business environment, social network plays a big part in promoting agencies and promoting products and services. Social media marketing has helped companies make more personal connection with people. However, in the property management business, property managers hardly try to get a client referral from Facebook or twitter. Social media has been criticized that it hardly benefits branding in property management. What these property managers don’t know is that social media is not just about branding the property business. It is actually more about strengthening communication with the clients, building relationships and sharing information. When a property manager joins the social media community, it is easier to connect with a tenant, residents, a landlord, owners and potential clients.

Why property managers would benefit from using social network?

Gain a competitive advantage

A property manager doesn’t need a huge budget to create a social network presence. To keep it updated, a property manager only needs a few minutes every day. It helps you gain better competitive advantage against your competitors from the social network activities. It doesn’t matter the size of the property business but social network aps definitely provides platforms to engage and meet new clients.

Market your business

Social network gives the landlord an opportunity to market his/her rental houses. You get a chance to communicate with a current and potential tenant. It is easier to address issues on social network. For instance, a tenant can post comments about his/her experience and can also report any issues about the property to enable a quick action to be taken. Facebook and Twitter are great apps to spread the word about the rental business even without making sales.

Provide quick customer service

Property managers are better off when interacting with their customers on social network because it helps them to listen and reply to their questions and concerns in the real-time. The idea is to provide quick customer service in order to advice or expedite help to the tenants.

Share information

Social network is the best place to share information. Property managers can share information about the industry news, tenancy agreement laws, and advice on industry topics. One of the way to socialize with people is through sharing information to improve the credibility of the business. Sharing the industry information improves the credibility of the business.

Social network apps

Property management professionals need to innovative ways to connect with clients and generate business through social network. There are various apps which may help property managers achieve their social network goals.


Recently, Instagram opened up ad offering to business of all types and sizes. Property managers can take advantage of this channel to target potential clients through targeting specific interests and generate qualified leads. This would work well using photos targeting interested people.

Facebook for Business

Facebook has great features and pages with which property managers can increase efficiency when communicating with audiences. The recent updates on the Facebook app is intended to add more touch points for customers. Property managers can utilize these new features to create ads and keep in touch with clients.

LinkedIn direct messages

LinkedIn direct messaging experience has created a more relaxed way to connect with multifamily industry professionals in the property markets. It support back and forth communication and connections. The update has also included an email notification, group messaging option, chat-style interface and emoji’s.


Twitter is an easy way to socialize with professionals and different people interested in property market. Twitter is both on PCs and mobile phones and has provided users including the property managers with great user interface to share content and engage in their audiences through business pages and individual pages. Since social network sites makes improvement based on individual preferences, property managers can take advantage of this trend to categorize users to get more prospects.



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