Why do I need a site inspection to order a full credit report?

Why do I need a site inspection

Why do I need a site inspection?

The credit bureaus began requiring site inspections in 2003 to ensure the protection of consumer data as a provision of the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act.

Rest assured, a site inspection is a very simple process.  We simply have a contracted site inspector meet you at your office/home office at a time that is convenient for you. During the site inspection visit, the site inspector

  • Verify there is a physical office or home office which is a secure environment that does not allow public access to your computer
  • Look to see that you have the ability to secure or dispose of any printed credit reports properly by way of a paper shredder and a locking filing cabinet
  • Verify that credit reports will be used for tenant screening only and for no other business purpose
  • Take pictures of the location

As soon as the site inspection is completed and we receive the results, you will have access to the full Tenant Credit Report including the FICO score.

While you wait for the site inspection to be completed, as long as we’ve received your other required items you can order and view the Tenant Credit Report Card so you don’t have to wait to evaluate the applicants you need to screen right now. And with our service any Credit Report Cards you order now will automatically be converted into the full Tenant Credit Report format at no charge once the site inspection is completed.

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